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WoodWorks is the SLB’s premier program designed to increase the consumption and market share of softwood lumber in multi-family construction and non-residential construction. WoodWorks achieves these goals by creating meaningful engagement opportunities with project specifiers to influence construction decisions in favor of wood products.

WoodWorks both educates and trains specifiers on a one-to-one basis about what is allowed in building codes, along with solving technical concerns and assisting in the development of cost-effective solutions. It provides these services from design through construction and ensures that the experience of using wood is positive.

WoodWorks engages with key target audiences through events such as Wood Solutions Fairs, lunch seminars, workshops and webinars. WoodWorks addresses issues like safety, durability, sustainability and cost.  WoodWorks also conducts focus groups by building types to better understand key target audience perspectives on wood usage in multifamily and mid-rise structures.