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Wood Naturally is the SLB’s residential promotion campaign, aimed at consumers and residential contractors who are key decision makers in this sector. The campaign focuses on reaching target audiences when they are actively making choices between building materials. To expand the scope and reach of the campaign, another key strategy is engaging partners that benefit from the increased consumption of softwood lumber products.

Wood, Naturally creates and distributes engaging content (earned media, videos, images and infographics) to promote wood’s value proposition and expand its use by reaching homeowners and contractors. The campaign’s content addresses key questions that help decide in favor of wood versus competitive materials.

Through the Association Partnership Program, the SLB pursues activities—such as contractor and architectural tradeshow presence—that support association programs by increasing their reach and exposure as well as enhancing their species-specific content. This collaborative approach expands the awareness of softwood lumber and maximizes the impact of the industry’s investment in its associations and the SLB.