Tall Wood Construction

Tall buildings—ranging from five to 12 stories—account for 23 percent of new construction in the U.S. and present an outstanding opportunity to grow softwood lumber’s market share. Research has proven that softwood lumber products are ideally suited to serve as key structural materials in tall buildings based on wood’s performance, cost, and durability. In addition, softwood lumber is the only structural material that can satisfy the growing demand for environmentally sustainable buildings and spur growth and job creation in rural communities.

The SLB champions tall wood buildings using research, demonstration, partnerships and communications. One such partnership is the recent Tall Wood Building Prize Competition, an SLB partnership with the USDA and the Binational Softwood Lumber Council that has drawn industry, media and architect/engineer attention to the economic, performance and environmental benefits of mass timber products.

By applying research in real-world building design and construction, the SLB is boosting awareness and acceptance of wood in tall buildings with key audiences who specify and build with softwood lumber.