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The American Wood Council (AWC) mission is to protect and increase the use of wood by assuring the broad acceptance of wood products in the marketplace, and developing standards, design tools, and guidelines for wood construction. Without AWC’s work to ensure building codes favorable to wood, softwood lumber markets would be a small fraction of what they are today.

AWC has a proven track record of efficient and effective delivery of this work and has the necessary senior level governance and technical expertise to ensure it remains focused on the key deliverables that are important to the industry.

The SLB provides AWC with funds to increase the industry’s capacity and capability in areas such as developing voluntary consensus standards, green building, energy, and driving broad acceptance of wood products.


Capturing the market between five and ten stories would create an additional 3.65 billion board feet of incremental softwood lumber demand. Going above ten stories would add another 1.4 billion feet of demand annually.