A check-off is a mandatory, industry-wide funding vehicle established under authority provided by Congress.
•    Funds are used to support marketing and research programs to grow demand.
•    USDA has primary oversight responsibilities.
•    Check-offs are in place for a variety of agricultural products (i.e. milk, eggs, pork, beef, blueberries, etc.).
Mandatory for U.S. manufacturers and importers shipping at least 15 million board feet annually in the U.S. market.
Products covered identical to those in 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement.
Funded by an industry assessment of $0.35/mbf

•  Governed by the softwood lumber industry.
•  Regionally balanced board of 19 seats: 12 U.S., 6 Canadian and 1 overseas.
•  Seats for independents of all sizes stipulated in rule.

Yes.  The first 15 mmbf of eligible softwood lumber products shipped or imported annually are exempt from the assessment.

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